I’m visiting my parents this week, sleeping in my bby bedroom, wearing only old clothes found dust covered in drawers, bright blue corduroy pants from high school, etc., and although one might think that this sweatshirt which reads “I’d rather be sailing in Maine” is, at long last, a sensational exposé of summers never detailed, I’ve never BEEN sailing in Maine and I don’t even know where it came from????? what?!!!!! whose sweatshirt is this?!?! I have stepped both feet into Maine, but my mom is too nervous about germs to have ever let me shop at a thrift store while I lived with her. in any case I probably would rather be sailing in Maine. fantasy sweatshirt. home is weird y’all


my dad added me on snapchat

my dad added me on snapchat

bury me in the dirt :’)


This is so how I’m feeling right now. Self-esteem works like this. You get big and you get small at the same time.


Masha Tupitsyn | Beauty Talk & Monsters

all yr bodies alive and defunct

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Title: dancing on my own (robyn) Artist: jordaan mason 295 plays


dancing on my own - jordaan mason (robyn cover)

the dream becomes the steps of your life!!!!

mad @ work cause of ppl dissing Maxine Hong Kingston :(


Daniel Radcliffe walking 12 dogs while smoking a cigarette

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RT if you a Catfish



my computer brokendj but I love y’all :)



smashing his literature degree into his typewriter ahhhh this show yesss

this rly is the peak #no gods no lit bros moment for the ages. let me never speak another word against aria montgomery just for having the same boring, arty interests I did when I was her age. pretentious teen girls are important, too.

I would like to say that I am done using my confessions and history as the springboard for my legitimacy, that I am done crafting the painful and pleasurable memories of my childhood and family into turning points of a critical think piece, or pivotal junctures in personal statements designed to garner me fellowships, grants, and above all award money to keep me in the miserly student lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed. I would like to say that I am refusing to cheapen my stories. I would like to say that I accept them as knowledge production in and of themselves, standing as such without the relentless hedging and prefacing and prologue-ing we think is necessary anytime we dare to mention our bodies or, heaven forbid, our hearts and, tenure forbid, our souls. I would like to say a lot of things.